Post-Treatment Guidelines

EXPECT POST-INJECTION SORENESS for 2-10 days following treatment.  Although some patients report no increase in pain, you may experience some increase in pain, or “flare-up”, especially during the first 24 hours after treatment.  Our therapies stimulate healing by causing local inflammation, so soreness is a normal response, please do not panic.


DO NOT USE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICINES OR ICE on the injection sites for at least two weeks after the treatment.  Medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Naprosyn, or Aleve (either oral or topical) and/or ice stop the inflammatory process that we are intentionally triggering and thus can negate the benefits of treatment.  You may use heat for 15 minutes at a time along with gentle stretching to relieve discomfort. Using acetaminophen (Tylenol or Tramadol), narcotic pain medicines, or muscle relaxants may also relieve pain without interfering with the effect of the treatment.  All natural supplements including natural anti-inflammatory supplements are OK to take.

The following Post-Treatment is for Stem Cell Treatment:

BONE MARROW ASPIRATION - Keep the site covered and dry for 24 hours.

IT IS CRITICAL TO REST TO ALLOW YOUR TISSUE TO HEAL. For the first week limit activity to 50% normal, and the second week, 75% normal. Avoid repetitive motion, heavy exercise or impact sports for the first week after treatment. Walking, stationary bicycle, and gentle stretches such as yoga are encouraged as tolerated. A common setback is that people will feel better soon after the treatment and then overdo it by deciding to catch up on all the manual work they need to do, such as yard work or housework, please refrain from doing this.


VERY IMPORTANT!  Call the Horizon Joint Rejuvenation Centre number (403-887-0510) if you develop signs of infection such as redness, heat and swelling at the site of an injection or aspiration. Infection is an extremely rare complication of these therapies but requires prompt treatment if suspected.  Infection responds very quickly to antibiotic therapy and is not serious if treated immediately. However, if left untreated, infection can very quickly become serious. In the unlikely event that you cannot get a response from the emergency contact number, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room to rule out “septic joint”.

With any medical treatment: BE PATIENT WITH THE HEALING PROCESS AND CURB UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Although some patients notice a reduction in pain within a few days after treatment, much more often the regeneration of tissue takes about 4-6 weeks and continues for months afterwards. Maximal pain relief is not experienced until 6 months after treatment. Repeating the treatment (Stem cell or PRP injections) after 6 months to 1 year may be necessary to optimize it's benefits, especially for old chronic injuries or advanced, “bone-on-bone” arthritis.


We are in this together and want you to be out of pain and back doing what you love! 

Think Positively!

We are rooting for you!


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